Player Profile: Alan Bobalik

Photo of Alan Bobalik.Name: Alan Bobalik
Age: 30
Team: The Settler’s of Baton

Where are you originally from?

Sturgis, MI

What’s your day job?


What do you like best about kubb?

I really enjoy the camaraderie between players and teams. Even though you’re trying to beat the opposing team or individual and the games can be spirited, its always handshakes and high-fives when the games are over. Even during games an opposing player’s great shot is applauded. I really enjoy any big shot that can swing the momentum of a game and the strategy that comes into games.

What’s your kubb speciality? (short, long, king, etc)

I would probably describe myself as a blaster primarily with average skills in the other facets of the game. I need to get my own kubb set to take my game to the next level. I am in awe of great inkastares and 8m snipers.

What’s your favorite kubb memory?

The overall experience of the 2014 kubb championship was really cool. But I would have to say my favorite memory would be the first time I ever played kubb. A friend’s dad introduced us to it at a BBQ. We definitely didn’t know or follow all the rules properly but it was clear from that first time playing that kubb was a game that was captivating in a way unlike other yard games. There was more to it than cornhole or ladder golf, it was an actual game of skill and strategy that could still be played with minimal physical activity that didn’t require me to wear shoes!

What’s your biggest kubb goal?

Win a game of Megakubb! Also we made the final 32 at the 2014 championships, it would be neat to make the final 16 in 2015.

Where do you see the future of kubb?

Though it seems like the popularity is growing steadily, there is probably a ceiling as far as how widespread the game will become due to the fact that it requires a little more focus/skill/sobriety than cornhole and other yard games. I do think that once you get introduced to the game its very easy to become extremely passionate about it, so even if the number of players remains relatively small, it will be a very active community of kubb players.

What are your interests outside of kubb?

Teaching, reading, running, traveling, regularly having over a dozen browser tabs open, preparing for the birth of twins.

Name a fun fact about yourself.

I sit down when I put pants on so I can put both legs on at the same time, that way when someone says “we all put our pants on one leg at a time” I say “not me!”

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