Player Profile: Joey Wood

Photo of Joey Wood.Name: Joey Wood
Age: 30
Team: The Settlers of Baton

Where are you originally from?

Sturgis, Michigan

What’s your day job?

I have the pleasure of working with kids at Battle Creek Central High School as they learn about history, government, and economics.

What do you like best about kubb?

I am a very social person. Kubb is an incredibly social game. What is better than a yard game that encourages you to play a game outside, with friends, where every game is different and everyone can contribute to the team? As much fun as I have at tournaments, I think I have more fun at friendly get togethers  where we are able to convince everyone to play Kubb at some point. Winning is fun, but the face on a “newbie” after they hit a big shot is priceless.

What’s your kubb specialty? (short, long, king, etc)

I always joke during games that any scum-sucking yahoo can inkast 9 kubbs. I am pretty sure that is why I do some of my team’s inkasting. To me, there is nothing more satisfying in than inkasting 8 or 9 kubbs really well. Over the last two years I have tinkered around with my technique and have become more consistent. After attending the U.S. Championship, it became very apparent that the difference between the very good teams and the championship caliber teams was inkasting. I would like to think that someday I could help inkast a group of 8 or 9 that could put our team in a position to win a big game at Nationals.

What’s your favorite kubb memory?

My favorite Kubb memories center around teaching the game to new players.  A few summers ago we were at a baby shower and set up the kubb pitch. The game was a hit as there were quite a few “newbies” who played with us. One of the newcomers was a boy who was around 8 years old. After a few group games, I challenged him to a one on one game. Lo and behold, that kid had me on the ropes the whole game and had the back row cleared with 7 in play before I finally turned the game around and won. Some would consider almost losing to someone a quarter of their age a terrible memory, but that game showed me how much fun you could have with a complete stranger playing the game of Kubb.

What’s your biggest kubb goal?

I would like to throw a perfect game (even though they are not allowed in most tournaments).

Where do you see the future of kubb?

I would like to see variations of kubb take root. For example, last summer we had set up two kubb pitches next to each other (with about 2 meters in the middle). After a few games we decided it would be fun to play a game of MEGAKubb. 12 dowels, 20 kubbs, 2 kings. The rules kind of made themselves up as we went along. Throwing up on one pitch onto the other field became common. When a teammate hit a really cool field / back-line double from the opposite pitch, we all lost it. That is when I knew we were on to something really fun. I would like to see more fun variations of Kubb develop.

What are your interests outside of kubb?

I love reading non-fiction, trying to solve the worlds problems, designing (hopefully) engaging learning opportunities for teenagers, playing board games that require more strategy than luck, hanging out with friends, playing any sort of trivia game, watching or playing baseball, watching college football, running, biking, and helping people move (I like to think of my self as a packing expert).

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I have kept book on every Major League Baseball All Star Game since 1994 – a tradition that started with my father that someday I hope to share with my child.

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