Player Profile: Abby Anderson Jones

Photo of Abby Anderson Jones playing kubb in the snow.Name: Abby Anderson Jones

Age: 29

Team: Kubbing up with the Joneses

Where are you originally from?

Holland, MI

What’s your day job?

Graphic Designer

What do you like best about kubb?

It’s a challenge even when it seems SO easy. I can’t tell you how many times I said ‘I’ve got this next shot’ and was thrown totally off. It really keeps you on your toes. I also love spending time outside with my kubb pals.

What’s your kubb speciality? (short, long, king, etc)

I have a decent ‘short game’ though I’d like to improve my 8m throw.

What’s your favorite kubb memory?

My husband (Christopher) and I played kubb in the snow on Thanksgiving this year. It was much more fun than I thought it would be because of the challenges that came with playing in different weather. I’ve also loved playing at the beach during the summer. Different terrain forces you to play differently and laugh a lot more at all of those close calls or waaaay off throws.

What’s your biggest kubb goal?

I would like to play in a tournament and meet other kubbers!

Where do you see the future of kubb?

Let’s get a team USA for the summer Olympics, okay!?

What are your interests outside of kubb?

Let’s see, I really like kayaking and yoga, though not together, yet… I also blog and travel. The next big trip I’m going on is to London this summer!

Name a fun fact about yourself.

My actual real name is Abby, not Abigail.

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