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In the Fall of 2013, I was first exposed to kubb. It was love at first sight. More like, love at first play. I couldn’t get enough kubb and I wanted to play it all the time. The problem was, I didn’t have a kubb set.  Until I bought my first set and could play all the time, I had to turn to the internet to feed my new obsession.

I wanted to see all things kubb. I wanted to see the best players, the tournaments, the strategies, the clubs, and the latest results. There are many individuals all over the country posting about our sport on club webpages, YouTube, UStream, Planet Kubb, Twitter, Instagram, and I could go on and on.

But if you were like me, it was tough to find new content. It was one thing to see a lot of matches, but I wanted to learn more about how I could get better. That kind of content I had to spend hours searching the internet to find. The purpose of this post is to collect what I believe are the essentials to learning kubb and advancing your knowledge from newbie to a more advanced player.

These are articles, interviews, videos, and more hopefully find their way to people who are new to kubb who are just as thirsty as we were at Kalamazoo Kubb to learn everything we can about our sport.

The Rules:  When we first started playing kubb, we definitely weren’t playing by the correct rules. SkyMotion Media has the best video to quickly explain the US National Championship Rules. 


The Official Rules Document: Below is the link to the PDF document which we had in every one of our sets to ensure we knew how to handle every new situation which came up during our games.

US National Championship Official Rules v3.1 (PDF Link)


The Drill: One of the first things you learn is that mastering the drill technique is the fastest way to being a better player. No person in the US has put more time and effort into sharing knowledge on how to be a better Inkastare than Eric Anderson.

(Eric shares 12 Tips (over 13 videos) into how to learn the drill and be a better Inkastare. While Eric shares a ton of knowledge, the real star of these videos is his daugther Mia.)


“The Drill Manifesto”: In Tip #4 and #5 you hear Eric refer to “The Drill Manifesto” from Kubbnation Magazine. Below is a link to the special extended interview edition of the manifesto that explores the most important throw in kubb.

The Drill – The Most Important Throw in Kubb


The Interviews: These are interviews conducted by Eric Anderson back in 2012 that take you deep into some of the brightest minds that kubb has to offer. I’ve linked to three YouTube videos that introduce you to Aaron Ellringer, Josh Feathers, and the Kubbsicles. You learn how each person got started with kubb, how they mastered their games, and what their strategies are. But more importantly, you learn what great role models they are to kubb.

(Eric interviewing Aaron Ellringer from The Ringers and Kubb Farm.)

(Eric interviewimg Josh “Dobbie” Feathers” from Team Knockerheads)

(Eric interviewing Mark Blazel, Zach Brown, and Max Sebesta from Kubbsicles)


Fox Valley Kubb Radio: For 30 Weeks from September 2013 to April 2014, Chad Bevers and Evan Fitzgerald brought kubb into our homes every Sunday night. They brought us tournament results, great interviews, training tips, live draws, and analysis of the kubb universe. It was fun while it lasted and they are still a lot of fun to listen to.

Fox Valley Kubb Radio


Kubb at it’s Best: There are many videos that show you kubb matches. From the World Championship to all the major tournaments in the US, you’ll find many memorable matches on the internet. But for my money, Mark Blazel vs. Josh Feathers at the 2013 1 vs. 1 Kubb Tournament hosted by Chaska Kubb is kubb at it’s best. Besides Skymotion Media’s Kubb video, there is no better video that shows you how kubb should be played than this one.

(Mark Blazel vs. Josh Feathers at Chaska Kubb’s 2013 1 vs. 1 Kubb Tournament)

I’m willing to bet a lot of you have already seen many if not all of these videos. But I believe there are many people new to kubb who were just like me. They’ve searched the internet for kubb and watched many matches but they want more. That’s what I’m hoping to share here. So, are there things I’m missing?

Please let us know what should be added to the essentials of kubb. We don’t pretend to be the authority on this subject and we are always looking for that undiscovered kubb gold hiding our there on the internet.

Hopefully we can share more content that will help speed up the learning curve of kubb.

Kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth. We've started our club to unite players around the Kalamazoo/Southwest Michigan to grow this great game. We know there are teams out there, like Team Kalamakubb and now have the resources to get us all together to grow the game here in Michigan!

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