Player Profile: Tyler Wood

Photo of Tyler Wood playing kubb.Name: Tyler Wood

Age: 25

Team: PHNQ, The Settlers of Baton

Where are you originally from?

Sturgis, Michigan

What’s your day job?

I am a substitute teacher. Still figuring out what I want to do when I grow up.

What do you like best about kubb?

I like that it is you against the kubbs. Only you can stop yourself from hitting the shot you want.

What’s your kubb specialty? (short, long, king, etc)

I throw the batons hard, so I have gotten better and better at blasting. But I still think my best skill is the 8 meter shot.

What’s your favorite kubb memory?

When I was finally beat my brother in a game one on one. Not that I had tried and failed that many times. But before going to US National Kubb Championship in 2015, I never took kubb that seriously. And after being there and coming home I felt like it was a personal challenge to get better. And after a few weeks a hard practice I had a very good match and was able to beat him, much earlier in my ongoing training then I expected.

What’s your biggest kubb goal?

Play on Sunday in a US National Kubb Championship. Wouldn’t even need to play well but just to get to Sunday and play alongside many of the best in world would make me feel vindicated. Where do you see the future of kubb? I’d love to see kubb become an accepted community event, where leagues take place all over the country, not unlike horseshoes or shuffleboard. And that will start to be realized when there become permanent pitches, and no longer have to use other sports fields.

What are your interests outside of kubb?

I love following entertainment and sports. Particularly I love Baseball, College Football, and the NBA. And enjoy a wide variety of Movies and Television. Also I like video games, Nintendo will always be close to my heart. I could spend all day just surfing the internet and reading reddit about those things.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I like to walk around in public with earbuds in, even if I’m not listening to anything. Because people are less likely to talk to me, I’m not that anti-social, but very introverted.

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