Player Profile: Tyler Wood

Photo of Tyler Wood playing kubb.Name: Tyler Wood

Age: 25

Team: PHNQ, The Settlers of Baton

Where are you originally from?

Sturgis, Michigan

What’s your day job?

I am a substitute teacher. Still figuring out what I want to do when I grow up.

What do you like best about kubb?

I like that it is you against the kubbs. Only you can stop yourself from hitting the shot you want.

What’s your kubb specialty? (short, long, king, etc)

I throw the batons hard, so I have gotten better and better at blasting. But I still think my best skill is the 8 meter shot.

What’s your favorite kubb memory?

When I was finally beat my brother in a game one on one. Not that I had tried and failed that many times. But before going to US National Kubb Championship in 2015, I never took kubb that seriously. And after being there and coming home I felt like it was a personal challenge to get better. And after a few weeks a hard practice I had a very good match and was able to beat him, much earlier in my ongoing training then I expected.

What’s your biggest kubb goal?

Play on Sunday in a US National Kubb Championship. Wouldn’t even need to play well but just to get to Sunday and play alongside many of the best in world would make me feel vindicated. Where do you see the future of kubb? I’d love to see kubb become an accepted community event, where leagues take place all over the country, not unlike horseshoes or shuffleboard. And that will start to be realized when there become permanent pitches, and no longer have to use other sports fields.

What are your interests outside of kubb?

I love following entertainment and sports. Particularly I love Baseball, College Football, and the NBA. And enjoy a wide variety of Movies and Television. Also I like video games, Nintendo will always be close to my heart. I could spend all day just surfing the internet and reading reddit about those things.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I like to walk around in public with earbuds in, even if I’m not listening to anything. Because people are less likely to talk to me, I’m not that anti-social, but very introverted.

2015 Great Lakes Kubb Championship Recap

ALANSON, MICH.—On Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 the second annual Great Lakes Kubb Championship was held in Northern Michigan. The tournament used a “meat grinder” format. Matches were best of three games with a 50 minute time limit. After five rounds, the top two teams played for the championship, and the third and fourth ranked teams played for the third place trophy.

Teams from all over Michigan, one from Wisconsin, and one player from Minneapolis were all present. This year’s tournament featured 14 total teams, including two representing Kalamazoo Kubb—Kubbing Up With the Joneses (Christopher and Bryan Jones) and PHNQ (Jesse Fraim and Tyler Wood).

Kalamazoo Kubb players under Great Lakes Kubb Championship sign.

Kalamazoo’s two teams were matched against each other early in the day. It was a long-fought battle, ultimately ending in a last-minute game one win by PHNQ just before time expired. PHNQ and Kubbing Up With the Joneses would both finish the day with a 6-2-1 record.

PHNQ would end ranked in the top four and qualify to play in the third place game. They won that match against Karli and Crystal in two games to claim the third place trophy.

The championship game was played between local team Kubbigans 2.0 and Wisconsin team Rhymes With Tube. After two games, Rhymes With Tube took the win and with it, the 2015 championship title.

2015 Great Lakes Kubb Championship top 4 teams

The Great Lakes Kubb Championship is held every year on the weekend after Labor Day in Alanson, Michigan. The tournament raises money for the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund, and hosted by Phil Dickinson of the Great Lakes Kubb Club.

2015 U.S. Nationals Live Team Draw

I recently relocated from Kalamazoo to Minneapolis. I still consider myself part of Kalamazoo Kubb, and I’m still playing (and hope to continue playing) tournaments with fellow Kalamazoo Kubbers. Basically I’m the Minneapolis chapter of Kalamazoo Kubb now, or at least that’s what USA Kubb‘s Eric Anderson called me last weekend.

One of the nice things about moving to the Twin Cities is the proximity to so many Kubb events. That long seven and a half hour drive to Eau Claire is shortened to an hour and a half now. That’s why I was able to head there this past Saturday for the annual live team draw. This is an event held at Lazy Monk Brewing (a great Eau Claire brewery I would highly encourage you to check out). Many people of the Kubb community come together to watch this year’s groups get put together. There is quite literally a bowl of team names being selected and seeded into groups on a big board. You can even tune in live online and be treated to various interviews and discussions led by Eric Anderson.

I knew that since I was close enough now, I wanted to check it out in person this year. My wife, Abby, and I made the relatively short drive east and settled in with a beer for some good conversation with fellow Kubb fans and to find out where my team was going to end up this year. As the “show” got underway I realized it was a little tough to hear Eric over the crowd so I moved in closer. He saw me and motioned for me to join him at the webcam. Before I knew it, I was having and interview about Kalamazoo Kubb and my nationals team, The Settlers of Baton. It was a lot of fun. Abby and I even got to draw a few teams out of the bowl. To top it off, I got a text shortly after from fellow Kalamazoo Kubber, Jesse Fraim, who was just as excited to watch me online as I was to be there.

Christopher Jones and Eric Anderson talking about Kalamazoo Kubb at the 2015 U.S. National Team Live Draw.

The Kubb community never ceases to amaze me. It’s such a great group of people from all over, from all kinds of backgrounds, coming together for this great game. Kubb really does unite people.

I had a great time at the live draw, but the main event is really next weekend’s national tournament. I can’t wait!

2015 Rockford Swedish Historical Society Kubb Tournament

2015 Rockford kubb tournament trophyThis past weekend Kalamazoo Kubb members Jesse Fraim and Christopher Jones (half of The Settlers of Baton) competed with friend-of-the-club Phil Dickinson at the 2015 Rockford Swedish Historical Society Kubb Tournament in Rockford, Illinois.

After a strong first match, the team, playing under the name Kubbigans, struggled to stay consist throughout the qualification rounds. It wasn’t until the team fell to consolation bracket C that they finally found their groove.

In the consolation bracket it was “win or go home.” The Kubbigans managed to stave off the competition and hit that all-important final king shot to bring home some trophies. Congrats, guys!

The Kubbigans pose with their consolation bracket trophies.

Kubb in the Zoo Postponed!

Kubb in the Zoo logo.Kalamazoo Kubb’s inaugural Kubb in the Zoo tournament has been postponed. The tournament, originally planned for June, will now be held in August. Due to a number of factors, including park renovations at the tournament site, the decision was made to reschedule. Kalamazoo Kubb sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience. An announcement with final details will follow soon.

Player Profile: Abby Anderson Jones

Photo of Abby Anderson Jones playing kubb in the snow.Name: Abby Anderson Jones

Age: 29

Team: Kubbing up with the Joneses

Where are you originally from?

Holland, MI

What’s your day job?

Graphic Designer

What do you like best about kubb?

It’s a challenge even when it seems SO easy. I can’t tell you how many times I said ‘I’ve got this next shot’ and was thrown totally off. It really keeps you on your toes. I also love spending time outside with my kubb pals.

What’s your kubb speciality? (short, long, king, etc)

I have a decent ‘short game’ though I’d like to improve my 8m throw.

What’s your favorite kubb memory?

My husband (Christopher) and I played kubb in the snow on Thanksgiving this year. It was much more fun than I thought it would be because of the challenges that came with playing in different weather. I’ve also loved playing at the beach during the summer. Different terrain forces you to play differently and laugh a lot more at all of those close calls or waaaay off throws.

What’s your biggest kubb goal?

I would like to play in a tournament and meet other kubbers!

Where do you see the future of kubb?

Let’s get a team USA for the summer Olympics, okay!?

What are your interests outside of kubb?

Let’s see, I really like kayaking and yoga, though not together, yet… I also blog and travel. The next big trip I’m going on is to London this summer!

Name a fun fact about yourself.

My actual real name is Abby, not Abigail.